Being objectified and stared at in public is unsettling. And sadly, almost every woman has witnessed this uncomfortable feeling. It’s scary and it’s not like people don’t notice it. But do they do something about it?

An advertisement launched by Respect Victoria, urging bystanders to call out harassment on public transport, has gone viral.

‘Call It Out’ is a campaign to encourage bystanders to not be onlookers to harassment and take action.

In the video, a bystander notices that a stranger is constantly staring at a woman. He goes through an internal fight, where his conscience questions ideas like ‘he’s just looking, that’s not a crime’.

However, he quickly overcomes that tussle and steps forth to stand between the stranger and the woman. 

The premier of Victoria also shared the video, asserting the fact that this is what women have to go through every day.

Netizens are acknowledging the importance of such campaigns.

You can watch the video here.

All images are screenshots of the video.