From beers, deos, and condoms to bananas, apparels and burgers, almost every advertising agency counts on sexual innuendos and women as the two things that would sell their clients’ products. 

We’ve seen many deodorant ads that usually involve a man spraying the product, then cut shot to a woman catching a whiff of this magnetic, manly-smelling deo, eyeing the man promiscuously and day dreaming about sleeping with him.

As if how a man smells is the only thing that attracts a woman towards him. 


It’s disappointing to see the advertising industry running out of ideas to sell products and do so through the female body instead. Because a bikini-clad woman eating a burger is all you need to sell your burgers, right? Do you see a connection between the two? No? Because there is none. 

But hey, Carl’ Jr. Burgers at its best!


Calling out the prevalent sexism that has been going on unquestioned in the advertising industry is this awesome campaign called #WomenNotObjects. Spearheaded by an advertising executive along with her agency, the campaign seeks to end this prolonged objectification of women. 

As long as the ads, movies, posters, memes and other media visuals showcase women as objects to be had or attract, the view that has been deeply engraved in the society is not going to change. 

In this video, they take a dig at every ad that had, and is selling its products through the bodies of women. 

Take a look:

This needs to stop. Why? Because it’s 2016!