While we move towards a more body-positive society where people aren’t judged for their looks or body, this company has gone back a hundred years with their new tights ad for plus-sized women. 

Wish.com, an online fashion retailer, used these models to showcase their plus-size stockings, and they have been called out for this blasphemy. 

Instead of using a plus-size model for the ad, they decided to squeeze a woman into one leg of the plus-size stocking to show how big the stockings are.

Not just that, they even stuffed a woman into a plus-size stocking and stretched it out.  

Honestly, what were they thinking? 

But there’s more to the story. Apparently, these photos weren’t meant for plus-size stockings at all.

A Twitter user pointed out that these photos were actually clicked for a product called, ‘Magic Tights’, which was meant to show that no matter what you do, the tights don’t rip or tear.

However, tweeple didn’t take too well to this inappropriate and distasteful advertising, and called out the brand for being utterly insensitive. 

Dear Wish.com, the next time you’re selling something for plus-sized women, may be try using a plus-size woman? Just saying.