Moving away from family for the first time can be intimidating. The excitement of independence often comes with the nervousness of starting out afresh, especially for the first time. A woman by the Twitter handle @_BeautyByLMarie started a thread asking for suggestions to give a young lady moving out on her own.

Many women graced the thread with tips, tricks, hacks, and advice that are really important. Take a look:

1. Familiarising yourself with neighbours is also important as much as you may hate it

But we desis are already a pro at that.

2. Knowing the basics of toilets is important if you don’t wanna spend an unforeseen day without one

3. READ those rental agreement papers before you sign them. Know your rights

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4. Get those tools

5. Install CCTV cameras on the main door

6. Invite ONLY whom you TRUST

7. Tip the people who’re offering you services, they’ll always be more helpful

8. Change locks as you move in & let someone you trust know when you’re unwell

9. Your security and awareness of the surroundings is important

10. Remember the necessities

11. Take your time

12. You gotta pay rent and purchase groceries first. BUDGETING is important

13. Go HOME whenever you can

14. And most importantly, have fun

15. And it can’t be emphasised enough

Moving out on your own can be scary, but it’s also a liberating experience that’s fundamental to our growth and self-dependence.

What tip would you give?