Only if we had the power to go back in the past, we would have undone so many mistakes and altered so many decisions. That’s the thing with life; we all learn our lessons in time. Women on Reddit are discussing these very lessons. They’re talking about a piece of advice they’d give to their 16-year-old self, and it’s so moving.

1. “Break up with him. Dating an older guy isn’t as cool as you think and he’s not actually a nice person.”


2. “Take more care of yourself. I was way too nice to people. I would do things for people who wouldn’t do the same for me (mentally draining).”


3. “I’d tell her to wait. She’ll meet the one someday. I’d tell her never to settle for less, not to be afraid of being alone. That a relationship isn’t a guarantee that she won’t feel alone. I’d tell her to trust her intuition. These men raising red flags are not for her. There’s a love that feels safe, and it feels home, wait for it, please. If only I could tell her this. If only I could go back in time with everything I know now, I will live, and love differently.”


4. “You’re not fat. You’re pretty. You know what you’re doing is wrong, but you’ll get better, be strong. Don’t rush into having sex, it’s okay to not be interested in it yet. You’re not a loser. Also, enjoy your life and your friends. You’ll never have this much free time.”


5. “Any grown adult man hanging out with high school kids and says you’re so “mature for your age” is a fucking predator and too emotionally immature to get a woman his own age.”


6. “High school is fucking shit and so is everything happening while you’re in it, but in a few years you’ll get out of that toxic home and learn to live again.”


7. “Don’t let others dictate your worth. Know who you are and don’t let boys’ opinion of you dictate how you feel about yourself.”


8. “Do more. Go out with your friends. Sneak out if you have to. Have a sleepover with your friends. Cut your hair, do your nails and toes. Buy cute clothes. Make that trip to Rhode Island – who knows what will come of it? Last but not least, forget about that guy. He’s just a crush, and there are way more guys out there than him. Date other guys and stop being wishful about this dude.”


9. “Learn how to study. Therapy is a much better idea then you think it is. Be kind to yourself.”


10. “Save up every penny and move somewhere at least 2 hours away in any direction once you graduate high school. Stop being guilt tripped by family. You know yourself better than anyone. Be weary of those trying to befriend you when you have nothing in common. Keep details of your life private and do not over share.”


11. “Your life is yours to make! Study and get the grades you are capable of. Make goals and don’t be afraid of failure. Failure is normal and doesn’t make you a loser! Sometimes life will go in a direction you aren’t prepared for, and that’s OK. Look at each decision as an avenue to explore and not a path you are sentenced to be on for life. You are enough as you are.”


12. “Stop dating that groomer, fucking exercise and keep motivated to better yourself for yourself not for your family (because your family actually turn out to be asshats).”


13. “They’re not your friends. Don’t dumb yourself down (or change who you are) to fit in. Learn how to actually stand up for yourself, say no, and know that you are worth love, friendship and respect just as you are.”


14. “Don’t hate your mom, control your anger, make friends, socialize.”


15. “People do like you & aren’t judging you. Don’t be so scared of everyone.”


16. “Don’t just stay silent when people talk shit behind your back or to your face. Snark back at them. Let people know that they can’t fuck with you even behind your back.”


17. “Fuck everyone else, do what makes YOU happy and do it fast before you get stuck!”


18. “You are a lesbian please stop trying to trick yourself into dating men.”


19. “Trust me on this one, getting married too young, JUST so you can be the first sibling to exchange vows, is a real bad idea.”


20. “Don’t rush it. Can’t hurry love or life. Everything will happen in their perfect time. Go break some rules and enjoy your youth! (just don’t get arrested lol) Grades don’t define you as a student nor a person. Strive to build good relationship with everyone (friends or strangers, you’ll learn a lot).”


21. “Pursue what you want to, don’t just follow the path your parents want. Also, research what being transgender is and hormones.”


22. “Focus on school instead of guys. He’s not into you & you’re wasting your time.”


23. “Don’t look only to the future. It is OK to have dreams and to be on your way to accomplish them. But your life is lived right now! Enjoy the NOW.”


What advice would you give to your younger self?