Rape, stalking, molestation, – whatever it is, one finger from the crowd always gets raised at the ‘sanskaars‘ of the girl.

“Why was she out so late?”

“Why was she wearing those clothes?”

“Why was she drinking?”

“Why was she with a man?”

“It must have been her fault.”

No matter what a woman does or doesn’t do, fingers are somehow always pointed at her, telling her it’s her fault. It doesn’t matter what she’s been through. 

The recent Varnika Kundu stalking and kidnapping incident in Chandigarh is no different. Even after clearly stating how it was an attempted kidnapping, the police officials failed to book the accused under the relevant section. Instead, he was booked for stalking and let off on bail. Not only that, after everything she has been through, Varnika was shamed for being out so late in the night and posing with her male friends, with drinks in hand. 

Haryana BJP Deputy President Ramveer Bhatti questioned why the woman was roaming ‘late at night’. “Parents must take care of their children… they shouldn’t allow them to roam at night. Children should come home on time, why stay out at night?” he said.  

Needless to say, women aren’t too pleased with his statement. They’ve taken to Twitter to openly speak up about what needs to be talked about, and they mean business. 

They’re sharing photos of themselves, reclaiming public spaces at midnight, and tweeting it with #AintNoCinderella. 

If you too are tired of this incessant finger-pointing on a woman’s character, you know what to do, right? 

Ladies, it’s time to reclaim the night!