Pregnancy tests. We have all heard about them (I am hoping) but I don’t think people really understand the sentiments they generate in the women who take them. 

If I had to put it simply, I’d say pregnancy tests are like those tall swings at a Diwali mela. Some people look at them and go ‘chalte hain, karte hain, mazze yayy‘… while others are shitting their pants.  

If it wasn’t clear, the former want to have kids, and the latter, don’t. 

In her latest video My Pregnancy Test, comedian Aishwarya Mohanraj touches upon this, and more. 

She starts with Kareena Kapoor’s Prega News advertisement. This one. 

YouTube/Prega News

Aishwarya talks about their tagline, which is: Prega News…means good news. Okay, but if we don’t want the ‘good news’? Prega News ne ye socha kabhi? Ye kya partial behaviour hai?

She puts this hilariously in her set. 

And then she goes on to talk about that one time when her mother found a pregnancy test kit in her bag while looking for an eye-liner. Its name was I Can.

But then her mom asked the dreaded question, “What is it doing in your bag”? So she said what you say in these situations. 

Later, there was some more prodding and lying involved, before her mother asked ‘have you had sex?’. For those who have faced this question, know that it’s like the remote suddenly disappearing when there is a kissing scene on the TV during family dinner. 

So you go and have water for no reason. 

In this situation, you can’t. 

Here is the complete video of her stand-up. Go watch.

(On a side note, I know, crazy co-incidence with the Kareena thing. I am freaking out too.)