People hardly realize that mocking or bullying someone for their size is body shaming, and it goes for ANY size. So, skinny shaming is just as problematic, because it comes down to making fun or putting down anyone who doesn’t fit in the ‘conventional standards of beauty’. But clearly, our society doesn’t reckon the toxicity behind it.

Continuing this hypocrisy, Akshay Kumar had ‘defended’ Sonakshi Sinha and pointed out that he likes actresses who, as he said it, “are hari bhari.” While the intent of supporting Sonakshi against trolls who body shame the actress is fine, but the way he did it is not. The actor further added that Sonakshi is unlike other actresses who are like “chusa hua aam”.

He objectified both sets of women (the two sets according to him), and shamed actresses who are thin or skinny. The actor didn’t realize that negatively commenting on a specific body type or size, doesn’t in any way mean that he’s ‘appreciating’ the others. The thing is, that he could’ve easily called out trolls without shaming other actresses, or else what’s the difference between him and them (the trolls). If anything he’s part of the problem.

And, Redditors agree.

Nothing gives anyone the right to comment on someone else’s body, and that’s the point here.