Well, I shouldn’t say “no one”, people have talked about this, but these perspectives are ignored more often than not. So, they need to be reiterated

The ability to bring a child into this world is truly the magic of nature. It’s the science of evolution. Humans were tiny atoms at one point, which developed into bodies, which could further make bodies. Absolutely nuts. Such an exciting concept.

It was an exciting concept till the time our thoughts were developing with our evolution. That eventually stopped and we became a largely sexist species that punishes the one who carries 90% of the responsibility of making sure we don’t go extinct. That is infuriating and Ali Wong channels that anger in her specials. 


She talks about topics people don’t touch often and here we look at some of them. I hate to give clarifications on someone else’s behalf, but I feel like I’d need to do that here. Try to understand that these things have a context to them. 

So don’t take everything literally. She doesn’t actually want to put her daughter in the garbage (you’ll find out as we proceed). 

To begin with, what is the source of male entitlement? How can you ‘demand’ your wife, who is pregnant, to do stuff for you? YOU get the door.

An iconic statement, to be honest. Put this on T-shirts.

Nice of him to wait in the hall as the woman has slippery things put on her belly and has people examine her vagina.

This is what I was talking about earlier. The point is that it’s okay to feel frustrated with motherhood. That doesn’t mean the woman doesn’t love her child. It’s okay to complain. 

You can’t be expected to be hands-on all the time. Mothers come up with solutions to keep their babies distracted so that they don’t go insane. They shouldn’t be judged for that, especially not by people who offer no help.

“Oh, maternity leave is like a paid vacation”. First of all, how many companies are actually paying women when they are on leave? And secondly, a baby has come out of her genitals, now she will be bleeding for days on end while the said baby will have to be fed her breastmilk (in most cases). On which “vacation” did you do all this? 

I have just covered the basics, by the way.


If men did even half of the stuff that women have to do during pregnancy and later as mothers, there would red carpets everywhere. 

Shower. Women. With. Confetti.