There is a lot of things women have to deal with: The fuckboys, the harassment, the loneliness we did not choose, the boredom, the falling into toxic habits again.

It can be too much sometimes, especially now when the world is together in isolation and suffering. Giving an image to these thoughts is illustrator Chiara Cosentino, that we can totally relate to. Here is some of her work that we want to print and put it up on our walls.

1. No one should tell you what to do with your body and your photos, but it’s always wise to be a little careful about who you are sending them to. And remember, it isn’t your fault if they get leaked. Never.

2. Fuckboys and their tears are manipulative, don’t give in. 

3. All exes are not bad, but some really are. If they go, let them. Please.

4. Smash the patriarchy. Or shred it. Both work.

5. Sad songs and some coke. What better match could there be?

6. What we do with our bodies is none of your business.

7. A toxic boy invasion is scarier than an alien invasion.

8. Traps come in the shape of flags. Red ones, yes. 

9. If you have so much problem with women showing their body, you are free to look away.

10. Not putting up with nonsense anymore.

14. Might reply to that text from last week.

12. Yes we are in quarantine, Romeo. See you next year.

13. Faith and doubt in equal measure. Perfectly balanced, like all things should be.

14. Equal rights are our idea of fun.

15. Why do I always pick the wrong card?

16. Pro tip: Don’t tell us “suggestion” unless we ask for it.

17. We come as a package.


The butterflies have found a new graden.

Too much, it’s too much.