Long ago, I’d read somewhere that art is a very political thing. Because it often points out (and also calls out) the different power dynamics in a society. Whether those power dynamics have to do with governments or with beauty standards, art can change the way people are represented and treated in the world. 

Which is why we’d like to take a minute to talk about French illustrator, Cécile Dormeau. Cécile makes wonderful illustrations that challenge the wildly unrealistic beauty standards women have to deal with on a daily.


She draws inspiration from everyday incidents and conversations that she comes across. From hearing people make rude remarks about certain women’s size and seeing how the same, harsh standards rarely apply to men, to not seeing accurate representation of women’s bodies in mainstream media, Cécile creates her beautiful illustrations based on these experiences. 

She discusses topics such as body hair, facial features and body size with her art. Cécile illustrates women who are proud and comfortable with their body hair, and confident with their stretchmarks. 

Her body positive art draws attention to women’s reproductive health and skin related beauty standards as well. Clearly, she is normalizing women being confident in their skin regardless of what society expects them to look like, and we’re here for it!

We’re cheering her on!