To all the shave-shamers who can't deal with women shaving their faces, 

I've decided to step out of the closet and proudly admit that I'm a 20-something-year-old woman with PCOS who regularly shaves her facial hair and people need to stop judging me for it. 

I get that shaving my face comes with a lot of myths and misconceptions but please make your peace with the fact that women shave their facial hair and there is literally nothing wrong with it. 
A woman who shaves her facial hair. 


As a person who's been suffering from PCOS, hirsutism i.e extensive facial hair is something that I've been dealing with for most of my adult life. 

I was completely fine with my facial hair, up until I discovered the hassle-free trend of shaving and realised that there is nothing wrong with shaving your facial hair, no matter what the shave-shamers say.

I am expected to shave my entire body clean but when I bring a razor near my facial hair it's a taboo? Why? 

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No, I'm not trying 'be like a man', in fact, there is nothing masculine about shaving, razors have been in women's lives for ages now. 

Fun Fact: starting from Queen Elizabeth I to Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor, these women have publically admitted that shaving their faces was a part of their regular skincare routine. 

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No, my skin does not develop rough patches, in fact, it prevents my skin from getting peachy and fuzzy. 

Along with unwanted facial hair, shaving removes and exfoliates layers of dead skin from my face, giving me a healthier and fresher glow. In fact, it improves blood circulation too. 

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Trust me when I say this, I do not have stubble and my facial hair doesn't grow faster, thicker or darker.  

The texture of my facial hair has nothing to do with my shaving habits. This is a myth. 

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Shaving doesn't make me lazy, it makes me self sufficient. My life doesn't revolve around my periodic threading calendar. 

I no longer have to wait for my periodic threading or waxing calendar to get rid of my facial hair, I can do it anywhere at any given time. 


I will choose to shave my facial hair instead of putting myself through the stinging sensation of bleach. 

As a person with sensitive skin, chemical processes like these would leave me with redness and rashes all over my face. Shaving, on the other hand, doesn't have any such side-effects. 

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Yes, I might be prone to accidentally cutting my skin if I'm not careful but if I'm getting my facial hair waxed, I'm also prone to getting burns.