This story of Asha Kandara is proof that nothing is impossible.

Asha, mother of two kids and also a single mother recently, cleared her Rajasthan Civil Service Examinations. She got married in 1997. However, the marriage did not work out and, she decided to raise her two children alone. 

Times of India

To support her family and raise her kids, Asha worked as a sweeper. While people around her didn’t make it easy, Asha believes that their taunts became the source of her strength to do something big. Meanwhile, Asha also completed graduation and appeared for the examination for a sweeper with Jodhpur Municipal Corporation and succeeded. 

However, it was just a phase. Everywhere she went, people would taunt her by saying, Are you a collector? “So, alongside my job, I began preparation for RAS and attempted the preliminary part in 2018 and, when I passed, I knew no difference in day and night preparing for the final part”, she said.

Times of India

Mayor Kunti Dewra said, “We are proud that a cleaner from our municipal corporation has become a RAS officer. Asha has always been a hard-working woman. We will be really happy if in future she comes and works as a senior officer in our corporation.”

Since her appearance in the final part of the 2018 exams, she continued to wait for the results. Amidst the pandemic, the results of the RAS Rajasthan Administrative Service exam or RAS exam of 2018 were delayed. But, recently after, clearing the exams with flying colours, she credits her success to the family members. 

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Asha told Times of India, “Though the journey was tough and I suffered a lot but now, I consider myself in a position where I wish to do something for the underprivileged and those subjected to injustice”. 

Asha Kandara sets an example for all single mothers and women to dream big.