In our society, women have always been severely objectified and stereotyped. Over the years, several repulsive tags have been reserved for the female gender. A woman’s power and potential has always been undermined and ridiculed without reason no matter what role she plays.

But enough is enough. The modern age cannot allow further injustice or bias. Women are now more competent than ever before with more opportunities and stronger voices that ring loud and clear in protest of a regressive, outdated belief system.

Ex Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, settled the matter once and for all in an epic burn the world will remember for a very long time. Sick and tired of being humiliated by her opponent Tony Abbott’s crude remarks and uncouthly behaviour, she gave him a piece of her mind in a case-closing argument.

She went in for the big kill during a parliament session, one that brought about a turning point for the women of her country, and across the globe.

The politician addressed misogyny and sexism with so much impact and ownership that her words went down in history. So much so, that even 5 years later, people can’t stop raving about it. Other world leaders such as Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton praised it as well.

So much so, that her legendary speech brought about a change in the very meaning of the world ‘misogyny’ in the dictionary. The term used to mean a general ‘hatred towards women’ but now implies ‘entrenched prejudice against women’. The outdated definition went unnoticed till Gillard’s hard-hitting words forced the editors of Macquarie Dictionary to reconsider.


She was even shamed for being unmarried, choosing to not have children and eventually accused of staying “deliberately barren”. Can’t go lower than that even if one tried.

In a fearless attack, Julia made many impressive, quote-worthy statements and didn’t bother mincing her words.

She pointed out to Abbot that if he wanted to look at misogyny, he should look into a mirror. She boldly called him out for his double standards and said, “I will not be lectured about sexism and misogyny by this man. Not now, not ever.”


Julian was wronged on many occasions till she finally had an outburst that proved to be a turning point in feminism.

She heard Abbot say that abortion was “the easy way out”. He openly promoted placards that called her a “witch” and “another man’s bitch”. He characterized housewives as those whose job was restricted to ironing. He suggested that men are better than women in exercising authority and issuing commands.

He said all of the above to a woman who became the first-ever female Prime Minister of their country.

Her message resonated with women everywhere. Those who cannot take catcalls or insults anymore. Those who want equal pay at work. Those who are underestimated everyday.

So, listen to the speech. Every man and woman should hear it.

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