The 21st Century Indian woman is a strong, independent person who isn’t scared of anything. Except for her gynaecologist, of course. 

Going to the gynaecologists takes a lot of courage, motivation from friends and the urgency for medical help. However, what most women get in the name of medical help are moral lectures and honestly, we’re all getting tired of it. 

While, there is now a crowdsourced list of non-judgemental gynaecologists doing the rounds on the net, we have already been through way too much.

These instances recounted by women will probably make you laugh, cry and then realize that we women deserve medical help without unwanted moral advice. We’re entitled to medical help with no judgement attached. 

Read on and you’ll find your own experiences reflected right here:

Here’s a world that offers women only morals and no medical help. Hoping for this attitude of gynaecologists to change very soon.

Designs by Anmol Gambhir