Remember how we were complaining that the Indian education system doesn’t give two effs about sex education? Apparently, it does, but in a very horrendous way.

This final-year examination paper to attain a degree in Ayurveda asks students to explain ‘women as an aphrodisiac item’ because, really, who are women if not objects of sexual desire.

The book legit has a section explaining the ‘ideal women for sexual acts.’ How do I even get my head around this?

Because women are nothing more than factories to mass produce babies, right?

Why is it not surprising that the book is approved?

Because are you even a woman if you’re not beautiful, youthful, submissive, and well trained for sex?

And some people even took personal offence. Because how dare you point out what’s messed up about our age-old educational system?

But majority was quick enough to point out how ridiculous this is.

There’s only one question that comes to my mind after reading the question and answer – Koi sense hai iss baat ki?