Sponsored by Vivo

Of all the societal changes that have happened over the last few years, the one very noticeable change is that women now have stood toe-to-toe against each and every person that has challenged them. Now, they are breaking stereotypes, embracing their boldness and giving their individuality a new meaning altogether. What defines them are their bold choices and they are not going to let the naysayers dictate them.

Through their new video, Vivo is celebrating womanhood and wants them to be proud of themselves, their individuality and their ambitions. What’s more, through their association with the Bani J, they’re driving home the point with attitude and style.

Needless to say, Bani is the perfect example of what it means to #BeBoldForChange. Her, no hoots given attitude is what makes this video come alive. Whether it’s her tattoos, her piercings or even her well-built muscular body, everything about her talks about how a woman of today should be proud of her choices and her identity.