Based On Your Personality Traits, We Can Guess What’s Your Soul Sante

We are all a part of the rat-race, and that leaves us no time for leisure. For most of us, it's like work, work, work, and repeat! But taking time out for leisure and doing what you love has deeper effects than one can imagine. It's rejuvenating and gives us the much-needed time-out. 

To break free from the burdening stress, and relaxing may seem taxing, but we have got to do what we have got to do. And sometimes, it feels like our happiness lies in these inanimate pleasures of life, acting as our stress-busters and keeping us sane. And, everyone has their own way of unwinding - be it pottery, dance or even spending the entire day balled up in bed - there's a stress-buster for everyone. Still not sure what feeds your soul? 

Take this quiz and Jockey Woman will help you identify your comfort zone in every situation!   

If my flight is delayed, I usually…

My ideal long weekend plan is…

How do I make the most of the free time at work?

My idea of a perfect first date...

If I had to live without a phone for one day...

What do you do while you’re commuting to work?

Illustration credit: Aakansha Pushp


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