Cooking. Bartan. Jhaadu-pocha. Zoom calls. Eat. Sleep.  

Life in lockdown is getting monotonous and people are turning to DIY haircuts to get over the boredom. But before doing something you’ll end up regretting, here are some videos on how to cut your hair yourself.   

1. Straight Cut  

All you need is a good pair of scissors, a comb, some rubber bands and you are good to go!  

2. Cutting fringes  

If done right, bangs can look real cute!  

3. Layered cut  

This needs some expertise, but if you’re game then go for it!   

4. Trimming curly hair  

Managing curly hair is tough for sure but this guide makes it look easy.  

5. Cutting split ends  

That is one annoying hair problem we all face. Do the twist to shed those split ends.  

Or you can just let your hair be. Long hair ain’t so bad.