With pregnancy comes unsolicited advice from strangers, friends and family. To be honest, this happens even if you are not pregnant but ‘look like you are’.


Wondering how to deal with such people? Let’s have a look at some of the best comebacks women have used to shut down unsolicited pregnancy advice and questions.

1. Excellent response.

2. A baby is what comes out of a womb.

3. Never say no to food.

4. Also, never say no to coffee.

5. Can others just mind their own business?

6. Everyone’s suddenly a doctor (Ob/Gyn) when you are pregnant.

7. Perfect response.

8. Vodka or coffee – how does it matter to others?

9. Lmao.

10. There’s something called ‘postpartum belly’.

11. Never ask a woman, “When are you due?”

12. There are doctors and then there are people like these.

13. Not everyone with a heavy belly is pregnant.

14. PCOS = Pregnant?

15. Thanking all that food in there.

What’s up with people’s obsession with pregnancy and advice nobody asked for?