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Dreams are the life force of the human experience. Even when we were kids, we had very vivid dreams of what we wanted to be. Some of us wanted to be doctors while others wanted to become video jockeys.

Which is why we love to hear of stories where people have achieved their dreams and realised that thing that they wanted most. But while there are people who have defied the odds, we shouldn’t forget that we live in a time where the dreams of 2.3 crore girls in our country are not fulfilled.

And why is that? 

It’s because they start their periods. If you’re confused, stay with us. Every year at the onset of their period 2.3 crore young girls drop out of school due to lack of basic menstrual education. These girls don’t even know what periods are until they hit puberty which ultimately affects their confidence and self-esteem. Many of us are prepared for our periods, and even if we’re not, we have our mothers, our family, our friends and sometimes even our schools to help us understand it. But there are others like them who don’t even have these basics and they end up just dropping out of school year after year.

And without the foundational tool of education at their disposal, crores of girls will never have the same opportunities as others. And something as simple as their period will end up crushing their dreams.  

Fortunately Whisper has decided to step in and make an effort to change this startling statistic with their #KeepGirlsInSchool campaign. This year in the second leg of the campaign Whisper, along with Bhumi Pednekar, has joined hands with UNESCO. Their goal is to deepen awareness on the struggle crores of girls face due to lack of period awareness and drive positive change in their lives. Check out the video below to know what these girls have been going through and how we can help them out.

While 2.3 crore girls dropping out of school was not bad enough, things could get much worse. According to UNESCO, the global pandemic has impacted 74 crore* schoolgirls, and could severely affect their return to school. If young girls can’t go to school just because they don’t have access to menstrual education and safety, then we’re not doing a great job protecting our future. With Whisper and UNESCO coming together, their aim is to develop and integrate a puberty and period education module in school curriculums. Because even one dream lost is a sad thing, but 2.3 crore dreams lost is a tragedy.

Bollywood’s renowned actor Bhumi Pednekar recognises the importance of helping young women reach their potential. She is known to never hesitate to voice her opinion and support for Whisper’s #KeepGirlsInSchool campaign right from the beginning. And today as she encourages us all to be the wind below the wings for young girls, we can feel the pain in her voice. Listen to what she has to say.

Her words ring true and she is doing her part by raising her voice. And so is Whisper. Last year, Whisper impacted over 40 Lakh school girls and drove awareness among 2.5 Crore people in India via the #KeepGirlsInSchool campaign. Overall, Whisper has educated more than 4 crore girls and further pledges to educate 2.5 crore girls more on puberty and menstrual hygiene over the next three years. And where everyone is doing their bit, it’s time that we step up as well.

And Whisper has made it easy for us to lend our support to this cause. For every pack of Whisper Ultra Clean, Ultra Soft Air Fresh & Bindazzz Nights you buy till 15th of March 2021, Whisper and UNESCO will provide Menstrual Hygiene education and products to one girl.

Dreams keep our souls alive and everyone has a right to achieve what they want in life. And if the mere thought of so many innocent young girls giving up on their dreams is bothering you too, then here’s your chance to change it — do your bit.