Remember Jean-Claude Van Damme? Yes, the same Hollywood action hero who made us gasp with his kick-ass stunts (literally!). From full splits to flying kicks, his movies were an absolute crowd-winner. Bloodsport, Universal Soldier and The Expendables 2 are just some of the many movies that demanded attention. Van Damme was nothing less than a magician when it came to these stunts that made us cringe.

So it’s not entirely surprising that his daughter, Bianca Brigitte Van Damme, is busy taking her father’s legacy forward. 

Bianca has followed his footsteps by investing her time in all things sporty. Commonly known as Bianca Bree, she has acted in films such as Assassination Games, U.F.O, 6 Bullets and Welcome to the Jungle. This lady has kicks that aim for the sky… quite literally! 

Oh, just look at her!

The caption she put on Instagram for this picture was, “I get yelled at a lot.” Oh well, we pity those who yell at you.

If you thought that someone who’s tough can’t be feminine, well, we’re sorry to disappoint you.

You don’t want to mess with her!

Strength and grace, personified.

We’re simply stunned while she’s busy outshining the sun.

The policewoman look!

Is it possible that being a fitness-god is hereditary?

She loves dogs. Could she be more perfect?

Tough on the exterior, she still gives us the feels with this post.

One last picture…’Cause why not?

A mix of strength and grace, Bianca Van Varenberg. Thank you for being you!