Having conversations about periods is so, so important. Because it is only through that dialogue that we’ll destigmatise the myths and taboos surrounding it. 

And that’s exactly what  Anupama Kumar Vijay Anand has done. She recently shared a conversation she had with her son about menstruation. 

Anupama Kumar Vijay Anand is an internationally certified childbirth educator, pregnancy fitness educator and lactation educator. She frequently posts content about women’s health, motherhood, general parenting and much more. In her recent post, Anupama shared a conversation she had with her son about her period stained pants. 


She wrote about the embarrassment that women have been conditioned to feel when they encounter normal situations like this. And how she too felt the same when her pants got stained. The women’s health expert worried about what her son, Ahan would think if he noticed it. But, Ahan’s response took her by surprise when he told her that it was no big deal!


Anupama has clearly raised her son well because the world definitely needs more men who refuse to play into patriarchal values. And, it’s evident that her son Ahan is already a feminist! She also expressed how touched she felt seeing him be so compassionate. 

At that point, I had tears in my eyes for he told this so casually, and to think I grew up all along being confronted about stains from women themselves, advised about how dirty it was, how men should not see this blood at any point and what all, everything to belittle my own body. Here was my very own little boy, telling me it’s natural, my god! My heart swelled in pride..

Here’s the entire post. 

We need to start having more of these conversations with kids at home.