In a historic moment, Captain Tanya Shergill – who is serving in Indian Army’s Corps of Signals – became the first woman to lead an all-male marching contingents at the 72nd Army Day parade on 15 January, 2019. 

Captain Tanya is a fourth-generation Army officer, whose father, grandfather and great grandfather, all served in the Indian Army for Artillery, Armoured Corps and the Sikh Regiment, respectively.

The Parade Adjutant comes from Punjab’s Hoshiarpur and on being asked about the inclusion of women in the Army and her appointment as the Adjutant, she told India Today:

These things are never discriminated on the basis of one’s sex. A fauji is a fauji, whether they are Hindu or a Muslim, Punjabi or Marathi, male or female. So whatever duty you get, it is irrespective of your gender. You work hard, and achieve it.

The video of her leading the contingents is being shared on Twitter, with people lauding the young captain.

Monumental, in every sense of the word. Kudos to the Captain.