In this era of proactive consumers, everyone knows what’s best for them. Be it the household products that we use or the food we eat, we’re fully aware of the ingredients. And, while the internet is flooded with personal care products, none of ’em is made with elements of our choice.  

And, that is exactly the reason why #TheMomMandate gave all moms the opportunity to vote for the ingredients that they want in their personal care products! 

In no time, thousands of mom participated in this campaign and voted for the ingredients that they wanted in their personal care products. And why not? After all, today’s moms are super active when it comes to the health of their family.   

Take a look at how these celebrity moms loved the ‘Mystery Box’…  

WOW! The ‘Mystery Box’ indeed looks exciting and I can’t wait to know what this secret product is and which brand is launching it! Can you take a guess?