Some people make the world a better place by being great parents. You could say that it’s one of their life purposes; nurturing and raising wonderful people. For instance, Mr. and Mrs. Chahal, a couple residing in Chandigarh who welcomed Dhananjay and her partner Rudra Pratap Singh into their lives. 

Trigger warning: This story has details of mental, physical, and sexual assault. Please proceed with caution.


In fact, their daughters Samira Kosar (a Kathak expert) and Mamta Chahal (a gynecologist based in the United States) encouraged them to adopt Dhananjay and Rudra. 


Advocate Darbara Singh Chahal, 95 years old, and his wife Shamsher, 93 years old have been extremely supportive and warm towards their new family members. They’ve integrated them into their lives so very seamlessly! And it is absolutely heartwarming to hear Dhananjay speak about her parents so fondly.

Rudra and I couldn’t have been more grateful. It doesn’t feel like we have been adopted. We are very close. There is a lot of mutual love between all of us. They care for us, and we are so lucky we have found our parents. Once, it was way past midnight, and they waited for us to return home. We are so attached to them now. We have our food together and spend all our happy and sad moments together. I have connected with their daughters, and their kids call me ‘Maasi.’ 

-Dhananjay told India Times


Dhananjay is a transgender rights activist and the first transgender student of Punjab University. But she had to walk miles before getting to this place. During the initial stages of her coming to terms with her sexuality, Dhananjay went through an immense amount of discrimination and exclusion. 

She’s also spoken about being raped twice and how that impacted her mental health gravely. And despite it all, she continued to fight for herself, her life, and now she’s fighting for others’ lives with the same vigour. 

Times of India

In the interview, she also pointed out how society’s double standards have created marginalization, and therefore, a hostile culture for transgender people’s existence. 

While we, as kinnars, are seen as someone who can give them ‘dua,’ they don’t believe in respecting us. They demand ‘dua’ from us but dua mein humein koi nahi maangta. Parents bhi nikaal dete hain- people suggest conversion therapy. 

-Dhananjay told India Times


Exactly why we need more people like Mr. and Mrs. Chahal. They’ve truly set an example for everyone.