It’s unfortunate how even at this day and age, women are majorly unsafe and have to be constantly aware of their surroundings, not just when returning from parties or going out with friends, but even when looking for jobs! 

Namya Baid, a blogger from Chennai, was searching for job opportunities over the internet, something that most of us have done repeatedly.

However, a person called Mr. Deepak, claiming to be an Air France employee, asked her to strip on WhatsApp Video, all as part of an interview. 

Namya shared the incident on Facebook so as to warn other women. 

Namya used her presence of mind and not only managed to save herself from further harassment but also managed to record evidence of what the perpetrator was trying to do.

He took to WhatsApp to abuse and threaten her when he realized that she had caught on.

It is a good thing that Namya managed to take prompt action. However, while we constantly struggle and fight for a safer world to live it, it is clear that being cautious is the modus operandi in current times.

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