Ever since I have hit puberty, menstrual cramps have been destroying my life one month at a time. Sometimes I imagine my uterus to be this giant monster who does everything in its control to make matters worse for me. I am sure the suicidal-pain, the eye-rolling leaks and plan-destroying timing would be a familiar phenomenon for a lot of us. 

We, at Scoopwhoop, understand this problem wholly. And hence we have put together 16 OMG!-that-is-so-true kind of instances which every menstruating girl would relate with.

1. When you make plans without checking the dates on the calendar.

2. When you’re having a good day! (Or even, a really bad day! [NO MERCY!])

 3. Mood swings are a bitch!

 4. When it hurts so much that it feels like the uterus is literally stabbing itself and you can’t stop cursing every damn thing.

5. When wishful thinking is merely that!

 6. When you finally start working out.

7. Bloating is an actual thing even without all that food. And so are cravings.

8. Bad idea! Really bad idea.

 9. When your uterus has other plans.

10. Passive aggressive uteri exist, just in case you were wondering!

11. When your uterus is an actual crime scene.

12. When you’re a bitch but you’re still better than your uterus.

13. When you’re trying to get to know your uterus a little better.

 14. When you’re thinking about life and your uterus has an opinion to give. (coz jerk!)

15. When you laugh way too hard. Or even sneeze! You know what I am talkin’ about.

16. When you have some serious questions for a guy.

 This sums up all of our lives. 

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Illustrations courtesy: Aroop Mishra