Compliments are nice, right? They’re harmless and are meant to make you feel good. True. But, when compliments are given to you simply because you’re a man, or a woman… are they still compliments or are they… sexist? 

In her comic, well known artist, Emma decided to decode ‘benevolent sexism‘ for us. Not the same as hostile sexism which is direct, benevolent sexism sounds nothing like an attack at all. It sounds like a COMPLIMENT! And for the most part, that’s exactly what we take it as. Until we realise that these compliments are meant to ‘keep us in our places’ (or in gendered boxes). 

So the next time someone gives you any of the following ‘compliments’, know that they’re actually, just plain sexist remarks in disguise. 

Thanks, but, I’d rather do without any compliments, at all. 

Creatives by Saransh Singh