The Brock Turner case wasn’t just limited to Stanford University or the USA, it shook everyone across the world. This particular case opened dialogue about an issue which wasn’t addressed previously – campus rape culture, and consent. 

Post the case, men and women everywhere have been advocating the importance of an individual’s agreement. But there are some people who find it hard to wrap their heads around the very idea of consent. So for people who don’t believe in consent and think that penetrative sex (also referred to as rape) isn’t possible without the girl/guy agreeing to it, let this lady on Twitter give you a lesson. 

In 5 simple tweets, Nafisa Ahmed can make you understand how consent functions in determining someone’s future: 

If I’m too drunk to answer, it means no. 

An action carried on under threat of force or force is not consent. 

Stealing is still stealing. 

Consent given to you does not extend to your pals. 

Consent in past does not necessarily guarantee consent in present.

Now please leave our $5 and our god damn purses alone!