“Arre, padh likh kar kya karogi?”
“Paise kyu barbaad karne hain, jaana toh hain hi shaadi karke?”
“Koi nahi, bhai/pati se maang lena.”

To be honest, we, desi women, have seen this happening, around us, in our families. I have seen the daughter of my housekeeper crying, on several occasions, because her father wants her to tie the knot and she wants to get higher education.

Daughter Sues Parents
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In a thread, a woman revealed how she sued her own parents for “stealing” her education funds to throw a lavish wedding for her brother. And to be honest, she isn’t all wrong!

She also revealed that her great-aunt made multiple saving accounts for almost each of her woman relatives to ensure their education. While her parents had the access to the funds, that were saved for their two daughters, she later found out that just $13,000 was left in the account!

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When she confronted her parents, she learned that the entire amount was spent on her brother’s lavish wedding. She then decided to move out of their house and take a loan for her education. 

Later, she filed a lawsuit against her parents to obtain the funds that were under her name. Needless to mention, her entire family is against her for airing private family business in public.

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Of course, the netizens were proud of her and assured her that she took the right step!

1. “Your parents didn’t borrow your money. They stole it. I hope you have all the documents to show that the money was yours. Your brother also tried to get you to drop a lawsuit with what is most likely a lie. If you have a chance to start life without student debt, you do whatever you can do. Your parents, and I’m sorry, but their culture, sound completely toxic. I’m glad you got out.” –Timely-Ask-1327

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2. “A wedding is just a party. If you can afford a big one, good for you. But it’s still just a fucking party. Unconscionable that OP’s parents would take the money for that over funding an education. Even worse that they weaseled their way into an account that wasn’t theirs. It’s grand theft.” –feelinlucky7

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3. “I’m no lawyer, but it seems that taking money — any amount — for any reason other than the benefit of the child meant to be the recipient is illegal.” –Intermountain-Gal

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4. “The student law center at your university rocks, and whether they know it or not they are low-key heroes. Your aunt sounds like a fucking badass. Your family betrayed you, get your money.” –MeatShield12

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5. “I just want to know that regardless of what your family is saying, your great-aunt would be very proud of you right now. You’re doing right by her and her memory here. I know it’s hard, but good for you for standing up for yourself. Accept no less than the full amount if you do agree to terms with your brother.” –busigirl21

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6. “Let it become a criminal matter. They committed a crime. They stole from you. They should all be ashamed and should not only pay the money back but also pay their debt to society, AKA go to prison for embezzlement. I’m 1000% certain your aunt would be proud of you. She left the money for you. You’re the rightful owner of that amount of money.” –n2oc10h12c8h10n402

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7. “Your parents brought shame upon themselves. If they hadn’t behaved shamefully, there would be nothing to be ashamed of. Keep your head up – you aren’t in the wrong.” –Toirneach

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8. “Daylight robbery is what it is!” –SelectRecord767

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9. “Sounds like desi or middle eastern culture, am I right?” –AffectionateDrop5599

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10. “They put money ahead of the family when they stole OP’s education money for themselves and for a wedding. A wedding is not a NEED, it’s a want.” –aaamerzzz

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