Well, you decided to click and get in after reading the headline. So, we have a little bit of hope left in the world. So, without delaying any further, here’s why you are here. A lot of us don’t understand why ‘wife’ jokes just aren’t funny but also really misogynistic. But don’t worry. Unlike the other idiots in your life, I am going to hold your hand and tell you exactly what is wrong with these jokes!

1. Your wife is not a demon. There’s nothing funny about calling your wife a creature of eternal damnation, something that is not even human. 

2. Well, since you tend to get touchy around mythology, I am just gonna say, maybe spend some time listening to your wife instead of shutting her up. 

3. If your wife makes your life so miserable, then maybe you should separate. But you’re not going to do that, because you’re a little man child who needs a woman to cook and clean while you go get drunk with your friends. 

4. If you’re sharing this joke, then you’re definitely not making as much money as you think you are. 

5. So tell her what she wants to know instead of gaslighting her. 

6. Again, calling your wife a demon/ witch/ creature of hell is not the flex you think it is. 

7. Have you ever given it a thought that she left because you are a great big bag of dildos. Speaking of which, she’s probably happier that way. 

8. Your rishtedaar, you cook. Or hire someone to do the job. Don’t take your wife’s unpaid labour for granted. 

9. This is why your parents had to get an arranged for you. Because if you find this funny, no woman will ever willingly love you. 

10. You’re cheating on your wife, you piece of crap. 

11. Literally makes zero sense!

12. Ah, family WhatsApp groups- the rotten repugnant underbelly of Indian sanskars where civilisation dies a thousand deaths with every forward. 

12. Indian men aren’t afraid of anything, except a woman with an opinion and the will to express it. 

13. In the latest list of inanimate objects we are comparing women to today…

14. Yeah, your wife’s not a virgin. That’s not a joke. That’s called having a life. You being a virgin on the other hand, well… Hee hee hee!

15. Because you also live the house! For the love of God, if you don’t turn off the gas, you’re also going to burn to death. 

16. Wow, such a playa! Is that why your parents had to find you a ‘suitable’ girl, because actual women who knew you, felt repulsed at the sheer sight of you? 

17. If this is how you flirt, then good luck with that. 

18. Yes, because women get married so that they can work 24 hours a day without getting paid. Some ambition, huh? 

19. She should hack into your Zoom meetings and heckle you for cracking that joke. It just ain’t funny. 

20. You must have come across posts like ‘yeah, sex is good but have you..’. Well, it’s written by people who wrote this joke and they have never had sex, ever. It’s very likely, they will never have it either. 

21. Yes, because women exist to hurt men. 

22. Umm, she just went to an English class. What’s wrong with making mistakes in a different language? 

23. Yo, this is giving out some serious Jethalal vibes, which, I know a lot of you think is a compliment but it’s just really creepy. 

24. Yes, because all women are materialistic. Also, if they are, what’s so wrong about wanting nice things in life? 

There we go. Now you know.