I have a routine. I never roll the car out of my apartment driveway without waving goodbye to my mother, every morning. Because her smile is all the luck I need for a good day at work. 

My mother, hands down, is the most hardworking woman I know. Waking up before the sun was out and hitting the sack only after putting us all to sleep. I have never seen her rest or get a good night's sleep. 

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She practically always had three kids to look after. Dad, my elder brother and me. Making sure that we never got late for school or office, packing our tiffins, getting our clothes washed and ironed on time, taking care of the school assignments, cooking our favourite meals — she was there all throughout.

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And it's not just that she brought us up, she was the very foundation and manager of our home. Sure, our dad provided us with financial stability, but she was the lifeboat that saved us from drowning in the multitude of challenges we faced everyday. But sadly, we never really noticed how much she worked and compromised on her health. 

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This is the story of so many households isn't it? What if she was never a morning person? What if all she wanted, was just to chat with her friend over the phone? Just like old times. What if she was tired and just wanted to sleep? All these years went by, but we never noticed. It never occurred to anyone of us to come forward and share the burden. 

But this is the reality. Still. It's not just the story of my mother or yours. But of every woman in our country. Even today, 71 % women in India sleep less than their husbands due to household chores. They're all overworked and overlooked. Take a look at this video to know what we're talking about. 

Ariel has been not just our ally in fighting stains off clothes, but also an advocate to stand for equality and address the unfairness that persists in the division of household chores. Which is why, this time around the brand wants us to know that women in our homes are not sleeping well and they're asking us to #ShareTheLoad. A movement that first took off in 2015, Ariel has been addressing the inequality in Indian households by telling us that laundry is not just a woman's job.

It's high time we listened to the concerns that are never voiced. It's time we divide the work equally. After all, alone we can do so little. And together we can do so much.