Spare me for generalizing, but Desis can pay money for literally anything! From diamond studded phone cases to manifesting a baby – LITERALLY ANYTHING. 

Yes! Apparently, Indians are paying to manifest a baby where coaches make them do some psychological sh*t like tapping into the world beyond or making couples write down baby features they desire on an A4-sized printout of a baby. (facepalming already?) 

A Twitter platform called DecodeInternet has put forth the excerpts from these ‘Manifestation Coaches’ who’ve really shared their mind-numbingly bizarre techniques to manifest pregnancy. There’s one coach who actually talked about “healing processes” for women with PCOD. I mean, WTF

They’re literally playing with the feelings of vulnerable couples. “You don’t have a baby yet? Umm, you just don’t want it enough!” is exactly the kind of stupidity we need to stop falling prey to. They make ladies who’re unable to conceive wear maternity clothes and sit in the posture of women with a baby bump; is this not mind-numbingly cruel?  

People are making ANYTHING their profession these days. It’s like if you’re confident and eloquent and tap the vulnerable set, your life is sorted bruh! But what about couples? If they are unable to conceive a baby again, what about them? Won’t this prompt an endless spiral of obsession and self-doubt? A couple can end up blaming themselves or each other for just “not wanting enough.” 

Safe to say, Twitter is equally horrified! 


The blind-faithing tendency is SCARY. If you really believe in something called ‘The Law Of Attraction,’ do it for free instead of getting your vulnerabilities played upon by the dark side of capitalism.