Marriages can be a bit of work, especially if you like making memes. Oh, you thought I was about to talk about understanding and respect and all that. Yeah, nobody cares about that. 

But we all love memes and this woman celebrating her anniversary knows that. Arushi Kapoor used photos from her actual wedding! Must be the woke liberal in-laws!

You know what they are pointing at? Me! I went to a proper journalism school! 

This one’s pretty accurate. Couples do that. 

And no, nobody wants a random threesome request. I have it on good authority, people don’t appreciate that!

Relatable max. 

In hindsight, the groom does look like Palika wale bhaiya here. 

This is where the memes peaked. 

Itni haldi ke chakkar mein pura desh, 200 years colonise ho gaya tha!

Oh, and of course, there’s one about cancelling plans, one of desi influencers’ key genres for achieving virality. 

This is not Kapoor’s fault BTW. Demography hi aisa hai!


Of course, when you have been a content writer, as Arushi told us she was, you get into a peculiar habit of feeling obligated to make 10 points out of everything. 

Sometimes, you get to 8 points and then you just make up 2 random points to get to 10. Bhaad mein jaaye quality. 

See, what I mean? 

Anyhow, you can check out all the memes here: 

I am writing this in hopes that I can tell my teenage niece that I know a real influencer, one that probably hasn’t lipsynced a Punjabi song yet. Also, free products!!!