In a miraculous event that took place in Essex, UK, an expecting mother,  Bethan Simpson was operated on, but not in the way you would think.

It was the baby in her womb that was operated on.

During her routine check-up, her 20-week scan revealed that her newborn baby’s head did not have the correct measurement. It was concluded that the baby was diagnosed with spina bifida.

A condition where a child’s spine does not develop properly while still in the womb. This affects their ability to walk.

Bethan Simpson was taken to the hospital and she and her husband were given three options. One, of terminating the pregnancy; two, keeping it as it is; or three, opt for a fetal surgery.

As surreal as it is, fetal surgery involves operating on the baby’s spine before returning it to the womb. 

The couple braved into choosing option number three. 

Bethan was the fourth woman in the UK to undergo this incredible surgery. 

The intense operation was a successful one and Bethany is due in April. She has since given an update on the baby’s health as well as the ordeal the couple went through.

This assures us that there is hope in the world.