Disclaimer: The experiences and incidents recounted in this article could be a trigger for those sensitive to, or have past experience of abuse. Reader discretion is advised. 

Love hurts, they say. We hear this being said all too often. And somewhere, in our hearts and minds we’ve conditioned ourselves to believe that the pain is part of the love. That they hurt us because they love us. When, in reality, love should never cause pain, or hurt. 

Unfortunately, it can be really difficult to recognise the signs of when love turns violent, aggressive and dangerous. And by the time one realises it, it has already gotten out of control. We continue to live in fear due to physical, social, sexual, financial and emotional abuse at the hands of the very people we love and trust. 
People opened up on Reddit about the times they faced domestic abuse and their responses are a harsh reality of the twisted notion of love we continue to believe and justify.












Despite several laws in place reports suggest that nearly 75% of those who reported being victims of domestic violence did not seek help from anyone.

If you need any kind of help, you can contact NGOs like URJASNEHAmaitriindia, etc.  You can also find government helpline numbers here. Whatever you do, confide in someone outside of the relationship so that you have someone to stand by you when it’s time to take a stand. Because love shouldn’t hurt.