The women’s Indian hockey team has become a source of inspiration to millions across the country with their brilliant performance at the Tokyo Olympics. 

DNA India

To congratulate them on their amazing journey, PM Modi got on-call with them after their match. He realised that the team was crying and conveyed how proud India is of them.

Please stop crying, I can hear it. The entire country is very proud of you. India hockey is being talked of after decades because of your efforts. 

-PM Modi


Videos of the team crying and breaking down post their match against Rio 2016 gold medallists, Great Britain, which they lost 3-4 for the bronze medal, have also surfaced. But we know that this team did not lose, because to us, they are still champions. 

This team has won something way bigger than a medal for the country, they taught us that no dream is unachievable. They made headline with their amazing performance and have once again ignited the passion for hockey in India. 


They are still our heroes because they fought against all odds to get where they are. They made us believe that anything is possible as we sat in front of that screen and watched them battle it out. The flame they have ignited does not end with just the Olympics this year.