Every kid grows up listening to their parents’ super-inspiring pep talks. Indian girls, on the other hand, grow up listening to their parents’ super-demotivating list of don’ts. We’re not asked to be adventurous, or step out of comfort zones, or take risks. In fact, we’re told the exact opposite. 


One would think these instructions come with an expiry date – till you’re in school or if you’re new to a city, but that’s not the case. Adult, independent, whatever your status is, you’re still asked to adhere to the don’ts of the society. And honestly, we’re so done.


We’re listing the most frustrating rules we’ve been asked to follow all our lives in the hope that some day, these ‘instructions’ stop. 

The issue is that nobody sees the problem with these ‘don’ts.’ They may say it out of concern or purely out of habit, but it’s time people around us stopped doing that. Because we’re done listening to the don’ts. Just like the folks at United Colors of Benetton. Mark your calendars for their Don’t Party, which looks like the right place to rise against these cliches.

Designed by Ankita Patel.