Being a single mother, especially in India, is tough because people don’t think that the life of a woman has any meaning without a male partner.

And if they are a transwoman, the nature of discrimination changes, and becomes worse to the point that they aren’t even given basic rights. It is while facing these prejudices that the mothers below raised their families and pursued their dreams to make their lives fuller. Read on.

1. Anie Siva

Now a probationary sub-inspector, Anie Siva once sold lemonade by Varkala Sivagiri, to take care of her son after her 2-year-marriage ended. She got married when she was in college and was disowned by her parents after she parted ways with her husband. Thankfully, her grandmother and relatives helped her with shelter and money, and with constant hard work, she turned things around for herself.


2. Binita Jain

The winner of a 1-crore cash prize on Kaun Banega Crorepati, Binita Jain‘s life turned upside down when her husband was abducted by terrorists. This meant that she became a single parent and had to look after her children all by herself. But rising above the difficulties, she kept at it, became a coordinator at a school and then, won the popular quiz show to support her son who is an orthodontist.

The Better India

3. Lakyntiew Syiemlieh

Lakyntiew Syiemlieh tied the knot when she was 21 years old, though the marriage ended soon. She had also dropped out of school because she was bad at math. Syiemlie then spent her life trying to look after her children and at the age of 50, she decided to complete class 12. She prepared for one year by attending classes at a local institution.

The Hindu

4. Sarita Kashyap

As a single mother, Sarita Kashyap supported her family by working as a saleswoman in the automobile industry. But one day, she quit that job and opened a rajma rice stall to feed people in need. She gets up at 4 AM each day and starts preparing food that fills nearly 100 stomachs. Her stall is in West Delhi and while she gives food for free, one can pay her 60 rupees for a full plate if they can afford the same.

Hindustan Times

5. Sujata Mohite 

Sujata Mohite rose against the system when the principal of St. Lawrence school in Mumbai denied admission to her kid on grounds that they were raised by a single parent. Not the one to back down, she recorded her conversation with the principal, in which they were heard saying, “We can’t handle single parents’ kids. We ask children to bring both parents. Single parents cause a lot of problems”. Sujata took this audio to the education board and got her child admitted. 

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6. Gauri Sawant

India’s first transgender woman led a difficult life and had to leave her house at the age of 18. However, she only grew stronger and became an activist and the director of NGO named Sakhi Char Chowghi. Her adopted daughter lost her biological mother to AIDS and Gauri had to file a petition in the Supreme Court of India, which she won.

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7. Rajkumari Kinnar

Rajkumari Kinnar, a transgender woman and a philanthropist adopted 8 kids and is raising them all by herself, while also doing her charity work on the side. She helps people financially and gives away 75 percent of her income for the betterment of others. Rajkumari had a tough life as she was ousted by her parents when she was only 10 years old. But, she never gave up and is now helping others.

The Indian Express

More power to them.