Raat ko gedi maarne chale?

A sentiment that might be very popular amongst a gender of this society which does not have to deal with the constant fear of getting raped or molested. A gender that has not been taught to express that no matter what happens, it is their own fault. A gender that has not been raised to be cautious at every single step of their life. 

Like this man on Twitter, who considers walking alone at night as a form of therapy.

SN Works CEO

But I am from the other gender. The gender that believes in the notion of feminism. Yes, I used the word notion. Why? Because isn’t it just a belief that all of ‘us’ are still fighting for?  

Us Women.  


I mean even though it is 2019, I still don’t know of a single woman who doesn’t have a self-strategy already in place before leaving alone at night for whatever reason.  

Cinema Chaat

Be it carrying a pepper spray to wearing a ton of clothes to seem ‘like a man’, we women have been figuring out how to protect ourselves the minute we gained consciousness about what ‘safety’ meant.  

Not just that, even the thought of heading out to enjoy the good weather after 9 pm with our headphones on is something that we can’t even think about. Because if we aren’t aware of our surroundings and by chance, a person comes from behind us and harrases us, it is ‘our’ fault.

And why not? We chose to listen to some music, right?

The same walking alone, that is relished by men much too often without giving a second thought is something that I, as a woman dread. 

In fact, it is so feared by us women that we have to use keys between our fingers to use it as a makeshift pocket-knife. Or so much, that we have to pretend talking on the phone to feel safe.    


You might say that this depends from country to country or probably area to area, but no. Women are finding ways to defend themselves with new techniques every day and honestly, it is saddening.   

Ofcourse, there are crimes that happen all around us. But why as women, do we not have the liberty to hang around with our girlfriends at night? Or just hang out for a chai aur sutta break in the middle of the night without at least ‘having a male companion to accompany us?’  

Desi Nema

Even though, as the government does seem to recognize this aspect. It does seem like a far fetched reality. Isn’t it?