That women are excellent multi-taskers is well-proven. Every single day, morning to evening, they’re busy balancing every aspect of life. If they’re working, they juggle office and home without ever complaining. And if they’re not, they’re making sure that their family is well taken care of, right from packing lunch to washing clothes. Amidst all this, do women ever get time for themselves? Or, do they ever ask for it?

We don’t realize but a homemaker’s job is the most thankless one. Getting up early in the morning, cooking food for everyone, packing lunch for her husband and children, doing chores around the house and what not. And all this with no fixed working hours or a salary at the end of the month.

Even though men have now started helping out with household work, it predominantly remains a woman’s responsibility, unfortunate as it is. Haven’t we all as children always asked our mothers for food and not our fathers instead?

The tremendous work that women put into their family and home often goes unrecognized. 

And it give credit where it is due, Colors TV has come with a video that highlights the selfless effort all women put in to make sure their homes run smoothly. No matter what their age, women tirelessly work towards ensuring that their families never have to complain about anything. And amidst all this, they forget to take time off for themselves. 

The video urges everyone to make sure that atleast on Sunday, if not everyday, we take out time and do something for all the wonderful women in our lives. And make sure that #SundayIsHerHoliday. 

Watch the video here:  

Make sure she gets her day on every Sunday, for the rest of her life.