Periods, a normal bodily function that occurs every month, is not something we talk about freely. That time of the month, women’s trouble, or Aunt Flo, whatever you may want to call it, periods do leave us sick and bloated for a number of days. However, women need to realise that periods can actually tell many things about their health. And while we feel shy to talk about it, many women related health issues go unnoticed. 

Ladies, you can learn a lot about your health from your periods. Here’s what they say about your health:

1. Flow of your period

Light bleeding indicates hormonal imbalance, poor nutrition, stress and problems with the thyroid and pituitary gland.

Other possibilities include Mullerian anomaly (a disorder causing a malformed hymen impeding with the flow of the menstrual blood), Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and autoimmune disorders. However, if you are on birth control pills then having light flow during periods is usual. 

Heavy bleeding can cause anemia. 

It can also lead to fertility-threatening fibroids, growths on the uterine wall; polyps, tumors in the cervix or uterus; or endometriosis. These conditions are more prevalent in women after the age of 35.

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2. Bleeding after your period

Sudden bleeding after your period is a sign of vaginal infection, cervical and uterine polyps or hormonal imbalance.

It is normal for women who take birth control pills but not for others. Other women who see bleeding after their period should consult their doctor. It can be a sign of vaginal infection, cervical and uterine polyps or hormonal imbalance.


3. Period Pain

A hormone called prostaglandin is involved in this. It is because of this hormone the pain and inflammation occurs in the body. 

However, cramps felt in the lower abdomen can lead to a serious health problem called endometriosis. In this, the uterine tissue starts to grow outside the uterus (typically in the pelvic area) and as the tissue begins to shed away, the blood has no place to go which ultimately lead to pain and inflammation.

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4. Color of your period

Well, knowing the color of your period can actually reveal a lot about your hormonal health. Women usually experience one of the three color patterns during their period. Here they are:

Frozen mashed-up blueberries: indicates higher estrogen levels, typically seen in heavier cycles.

Strawberry jam: indicates low estrogen levels, which can lead to vaginal dryness, low libido, hair loss and fatigue. 

Cranberry juice: indiacates ‘normal’ periods with nice and saturated red colour. However, women with ‘normal’ periods are more likely to go PMSing.

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5. Frequency of your period

Last point but the most important one, the frequency of the menstrual cycle indicates how your health is doing. Late period with no chance of pregnancy indicates hormonal imbalance in the body. In such a case, one should immediately consult a doctor. 

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