Did I offend you?  

Women are human beings. 

It is appalling indeed that I have to write something as matter-of-fact as this, but there are abundant men who still won’t get it. They’ll treat women like sh*t and wonder where they went wrong. They won’t understand being called out because a woman calling them out hurts their male ego and we all know how toxic that is.  

A Reddit post on AskFeminists by u/ButterScotchMagic inquired examples on how ‘Men don’t see women as people.’ And it’s flooded with every day instances that are so common that its scary. 

1. “Basing all her wants/needs on ‘her closing fertility window.'”


2. “Talking over me repeatedly. Some douche in my college class last semester did this, clearly he thought he was the smartest in the room. So I just got louder.”


3. “The hundreds of dehumanizing nicknames men have for women, from ‘bird’ and ‘chick’ to the many gross anatomical ones.”


4. ” When it’s OK for men to dislike, distrust, fear, or even hate women based on a few bad experiences, because they’re just protecting themselves and they’re just making logical, reasonable decisions based on their life experience, but if women are cautious around strange men it’s misandry, regardless of what her life experiences are or were.”


5. “Seeing a young girl that is proud and excited to show others something she’s really good at, like gymnastics or some type of sport. So, she takes a ball and does some incredible trick and shares it online. Only to have a hundred comments talking about her body parts and whether or not she’s fuckable. Or even going as far as to say they masturbated to the video. ‘Look at those tits bounce!'”


6. “When men think that if women would like to be treated with even a modicum of respect that they must hate men.”


7. “When T.I. took his 18 year old daughter to the gynecologist to confirm that her hymen was still intact. *GAG*”


8. “Animated movies where the male animal is a normal animal and the woman animal is animal + pink bow + giant eyelashes + no personality. Male characters get to be characters, female characters get to be feeeeeeeemales.”


9. “I hate to bring this classic example, but when in a work environment my proposal is getting ignored, but if the same idea is voiced by my male coworker, it receives enthusiastic response. It’s definitely not me being less intelligent or vocal, it’s just me not being listened to, because I am a woman and this apparently means, that nothing worth listening comes out of my mouth.”


10. “When guys respond to being told not to harass women with ‘well I guess I just won’t interact with women at all then!'”


11. “There was a post on here saying the abortion ban is a good thing as population rates are at a low in America and the ban will drive up the population as women are forced to have babies. Like WTF? As if that’s the whole point of a woman’s existence, to keep the population growing…as if there’s nothing more to them than wombs.”


12. “I’ve seen people online literally refer to women as ‘pussy.’ Just our genitals.”


13. “I have mentioned this before but the fact that in heterosexual relationships, men often don’t take what women say seriously and think they can just dismiss any issues she brings up out of hand.”


14. “Treating dating and/or sex with women as a status booster among the other guys.”


15. “When a male marries a woman, and he proceed to address the couple only by the man’s name (i.e.,- Mr. and Mrs. John Smith). For me, I feel that erases the view of the woman as a person in that marriage.”


16. “‘That could be your mother, sister, daughter’ etc etc.’ When many men can only humanise women by thinking of them as an extension of themselves through familial connection rather than just being able to see them as separate humans with their own wills and desires.”


To anybody who still doubts sexism and misogyny exists, you’re delusional!