Men Will Not Get More Than 5/10 In This Female Sex Ed Quiz

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You think you know all there is to know about what goes on 'down there'? It's time to test it out. 

1. Let's start easy. Are vagina and vulva the same thing?

2. Is every female born with a hymen?

3. How many holes does the female reproductive system (the vulva) have?

4. Which part of the vulva gets aroused when a female is turned on?

5. How many erogenous zones does the vulva have?

6. What is the sound that the vagina makes called?

7. What causes painful intercourse for someone with a vagina? 

8. How often should someone with a vagina get a pelvic exam?

9. Which out of these is the least sensitive part of a female body?

10. Why is it important for someone with a vagina to pee after sex?


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