When we talk about natural beauty, the north-eastern region of India is always the first place we think of. But, there is no denying the fact that it has suffered from so much neglect that it seems like it has a long way to go before it catches up with the rest of the India, in terms of being in the mainstream.

But, the good news is that because of the internet and global connectivity, we’ve begun to talk about the many awe-inspiring stories that north-east has to offer and truly buck that trend. 

One such story is of these two awe-inspiring female-bikers, who are set to traverse the highest roads in India for women all over the world. 

Nirmali Nath and Dharitri Terangpi, the two badass biker girls from the North-east Indian state of Assam, are all set to embark on a bike-trip to Leh from their hometown, Guwahati. They will also be the first women from their state to set off on this epic journey!


The two bikers wear their passion on their sleeves and are incredibly excited for their bike-expedition to Khardung La, the highest motor-able road in India. Beginning from Guwahati, it will take them around 20 days to cover a total distance of 7000 km. The duo will cross seven states during their journey, on their Royal Enfield Classic 350.

This trip is an amazing effort on the part of these young female-bikers to raise the issue of women’s empowerment and inspire a new wave of female bikers in the country. 


The two women have formed a group, which they’ve proudly named Niradhar, an acronym of the initials of their names. It means determination, and with this trip, these ladies are all set to inspire women to truly follow their passion. In an interview with The North East Today, Nirmali said that she took one month off from work to pursue her passion. Talking about the hesitation of women in coming out of their comfort zones and challenging stereotypes, she says:

Women are confused, not knowing where to start; today in our society people might view us as irrational and irresponsible if we ride a bike. We’re haunted by old stereotypes that women who ride bikes are wild and irresponsible. Remember that everyone starts at the beginning – men and women alike. 

More power to you, girls. Ride High and Ride Strong!