Our world loves surveilling every aspect of a woman’s life. From telling women what we should wear to dictating how we should be, we’ve not traversed much ahead in time. Regressive notions about an ‘ideal’ woman have trickled down for centuries, and as a result, we now have stories of internalised sexism. Look at the below tweet, for example. A classic case of internalised misogyny.

So for being a high value woman, starve yourself but learn to cook for who’ll feed the family. Learn to get along with children, animals, and old people cos, you know, your primary duty is to hold everyone together. And birth control pills, anti-depressants, and drugs, you say? BLASPHEMY!

I’m happy to declare that I, and my girlfriends, aren’t high-value women. And we’d like to keep it this way!

I’m happier cos there are so many women like me. The tweet is flooded with quotes calling out the superficial standards typed out so confidently.



I definitely did not intend on beginning Monday morning like this! It’s sad there are women who think like this. So very sad.

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