If you are a person who has dated or is in the dating circuit, things like ‘ghosting‘, ‘seeing people‘ etc are terms you’ll be well aware of by now.  

But now that we have entered a whole new decade, the dating game too shall step up and so will the dating trends. 

So, here’s introducing Fleabagging. Honestly, one of the most self-destructive dating trends of 2020 which will sadly make you go – It me. 


Surprisingly, this trend has emerged from the hit TV show, Fleabag, where we see Phoebe Waller–Bridge’s character date people who are wrong for her again and again. 

Seems relatable, right? Because it is.        

It means that you see someone who treats you like shit, then break up with them and again date someone who treats you like shit.       

So basically, you keep dating assholes who you know are bad for you but you just can’t stop dating them again and again.  

Dating adviser Hayley Quinn blames the pop culture and unrealistic romantic movies for this episode as well, 

A lot of it comes down to unrealistic ideas around romance that are kept alive by books and films… if we expect love to be a constant on-again, off-again battle, then we may be more inclined to accept behaviour that we shouldn’t in our relationships. 

So, how do you know if you’re a Fleabagger?                 

You feel icky after going on a date with a guy who’s ‘too nice’ and text that ‘fuckboy’ or ‘softboy’ right after the date then know that you’re deep into that fleabagging mess.            

You date horrible people who ghost you, date multiple girls aside from you, lies from you and never defines the relationship over and over again.            

The idea of running behind love actually gives you a kick and you absolutely love the chase. In other terms, you like the bad boy fetish.                  

So, if you identify yourself gravitating towards guys who make you cry at the end or during a relationship, you know what you are and know when to stop.