The world we live in is not as fair as we are taught it is. Some of us realize this sooner than others.

Geeta Tandon happens to be one such person who realized this pretty early in life. Right now, she’s just a name to your senses. Just another presence in the human existence. But there’s something very, very familiar about Geeta. We’ve seen her in Bollywood movies but we don’t recognize her. Time and again, she has made the goddesses of Bollywood look badass in movies. And while she was doing that, she was also busy making a story that is waiting to inspire thousands of us.

This is Geeta’s story. A story that we can’t afford to not listen to.

Before you delve into Geeta’s life story, these are a few excerpts from her biographical video:

Geeta’s story was discovered by Joyna M Sequeira, Blush Original’s director. Joyna first stumbled upon her story on online portals and was immediately moved by her struggle.

Initially, Joyna thought she’d have to be careful with her words while speaking to Geeta but Geeta’s attitude on life took her by surprise. 

According to Joyna:

She was so full of life and I fell in love with her passion towards what she does and how she battled the grave situations that came her way. How can you not tell a story like this?!

ScoopWhoop had a chance to speak with Geeta herself and just like in the video, she was full of hope and optimism:

She said:

“To every woman who is oppressed and brutalized against her will, I just want them to keep on fighting and not give up. Life is a beautiful thing which you’ll only begin to discover once you break your shackles. Just be patient, good things will come to you.”

When we asked her about her future plans, she added:

“I want to make sure that my children are highly educated. I want my kids to compensate for my lack of education. As for me, I want to become Bollywood’s first female action director”

And she signed off with a smile.

Here’s Geeta’s full story as told in a biographical video by Blush. Give it a little span of your attention, for your own sake:

Thank you for fighting, Geeta. Our generation needs heroes like you.

 Designs by Ankita.