Do you wake up in the morning, take a shower, stand in front of your wardrobe and go, “I have too many clothes, but nothing to wear?” Well, if you do then you’re in the right place.

Sometimes, it is easy to just pick up the newest dress that you bought and go on with your life but sometimes, life asks more out of you. Life asks you to get creative and that you must. Once you find yourself in a situation where you feel the urge to go on a massive shopping spree, look for pieces in your wardrobe that you can revamp. There is a hidden treasure right under your nose (in your wardrobe) that you might have been ignoring all this time. 

Let me help you with that. Here are 15 smart tips that can change everything. 

1. Your shirts and tees can be easily transformed into pretty pieces of clothing.

There are several ways to spice up your shirts and tees. You may tie them up in an interesting piece or even make some cuts and knot ’em up. You may turn an old white shirt into a dressy top for an evening out. Like this one.


 Or, you may also spice up an old tee-shirt and turn it into a pretty li’l dress.


And if you’re feeling adventurous, you make make some cut outs in your old tee-shirts and jazz ’em up. 

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2. Add detailing to the bottom of your jeans by adding lace or chopping the ends off. 

You may either chop ’em off or add lace to it, it’s going to be a game changer. Come back and tell me what your friends thought of that. 

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3. Add some personality to your denims with fancy pins. 

The new pin trend is getting picked up at a really quick pace but are you keeping up? Get some pins that you like and add them to your denims. And why just denims, pin them on anything you think they’ll look nice on. 

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4. You can easily transform your shirts and scarves into really cool looking skirts.

Yeah! Create skirts out of shirts, scarves or literally anything you can get your hands on. They look chic AF, I promise. 

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5. Don’t have a dress? Create one using a skirt. 

You know that you can wear your skirts as dresses and blouses, right? Right!


6. You can transform your scarves into dresses, blouses and really jazzy bando tops.  

I can’t even start to tell you in how many ways you can use scarves to jazz up things. If you know the right knots and all, you’re so sorted. 


7. Add lace to old shorts that you have worn more than you should have.

I know you are focusing on how much of an effort this is going to be, but trust me, it is going to be worth it. Look how cute they look. *Sigh*

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8. You can make skirts out of your spaghetti tops.

Yeah! Especially if they are body hugging tight, they will look impeccable. You don’t have to make any cuts.  All you have to do is cover the top of the spaghetti with a long top and you’re sorted. 

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9. Hand warmers can also be worn as leg warmers. 

I don’t think you can do it the other way round, but this works for sure. Just see how pretty they look. 

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10. Add lace to the straps of your Dungarees or wear a lacy top inside. 

This is definitely a game-changer. It can turn a casual outfit into an elegant piece which you can wear to get-togethers and what not. Wherever you go, you’re gonna look super pretty.

Source 4

11. Transform your collared shirts into whatever you feel like.

I will understand if you say that some clothes you just can’t throw away even though they are sort of worn out and you don’t really wear them. But when it comes to old shirts, there are several ways to jazz ’em up. Requires a little effort but it shall reap you clothes out of your favourite shirt and who doesn’t want that.

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12. If the rips of your ripped jeans have gone missing, you can spice things up with sexy stalkings. 

If you haven’t tried this already, you must. 

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13. You can make cut-off shorts out of your old jeans.

You must know about this already but it is important to reaffirm the fact that this idea is golden. And, by the way, there is a proper way of doing this so you don’t end up making your shorts too long or too short. 

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14. You can style the same piece of cloth differently and create a new outfit every time.  

It is true. When you talk about A-grade fashion, styling is the key. You can keep wearing the same piece of clothing for an entire week and style it in a different ways, nobody will really notice that you have been wearing the same thing for an entire week. Try it and let me know how it worked out. 

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15. Leggings are a blessing to humankind.

I am serious. This piece of clothing can magically transform into anything you want it to and the best part about them? They are oh-so-comfy! Look at all these way they have been transformed. 

You may add lace to them. 


Or slit them and make boot stalkings. 


Or make an actual top out of it. How cool is that?


These were some tricks that may help you transform your wardrobe completely. What are you waiting for, get on with it already, to become the new you.